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Essential Oil bottling and Private Labeling

We provides pure essential oil bottling and labeling services to our clients. All of our Essential Oils, Blends and Massage Oils are available for private labeling including: Custom natural pure Products.

Pure and Unadulterated Essential Oils

We are all about quality, not price. Cheap essential oils are often of low quality and diluted or mixed with synthetic oils, sometimes doing more harm than good. We procure our inventory from all over India directly from manufacturers.

All Oils are tested in lab for Gas Crometography for quality assurance. We try to keep our prices as reasonable as possible while still maintaining the highest standards.

Essential Oil Blends

We bottle pure essential oils or “ready-to-use” essential oil blends that have been as per your formula.


Bottles Size : 5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml 500ml or 1000ml.

Bottle Material – Colored glass bottle, Non reactive HDPE Bottle and Aluminum Bottles


We have our own design and but you can also design your own labels, have them printed and send them to us. We will apply the labels to the bottles.

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