Naturalis Eucalyptus Hydrosol Spray - for Face and Body

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Naturalis hydrosols are the pure and natural waters that are produced during the steam distillation of plant materials such as leaves, flowers, peels, berries, wood, stems and roots.

It can be used in place of water in creating natural fragrances, lotions, creams, facial toners, and other skincare products.

Can be used directly on the skin without further dilution

Eucalyptus Hydrosol / Floral Water Benefits

  • A powerful boost to your wellbeing, it is excellent and gentle to the skin.
  • The sweet and fresh fragrance dispels odor and beats moulds away, helping you and your loved ones breathe easier and stay relaxed. It is great to use for spaces when you are feeling fluish or having a cold.
  • For better circulation, a more active lifestyle and improved concentration, the scent and antioxidant-rich Eucalyptus helps keep you on top of the game and life.
  • Soothe your skin, keeping it moist and purified with its cooling and deodorizing qualities. Eucalyptus is traditionally used in soothing fevers, headaches and breathing issues. It eases aches, sprains.
  • This is a completely natural product, free from alcohol, parabens, preservatives, fragrances, fillers, binders additives, and colorants.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place. Keep in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is recommended.

Naturalis Eucalyptus Hydrosol Spray - for Face and Body
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