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Naturalis Vanilla Essential Oil by Naturalis

Ingredients: 100% Pure and Natural Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia) Essential Oil.
Method of Extraction: Supercritical Extraction (CO2 Extraction) 
Product of Origin: India

Reduces fever, fight depression, soothes inflammation, promote good sleep, protects from infections, boosts libido.

How to Use

  • To relax your body and mind, massage 10 drops of your homemade vanilla oil infusion into your neck, feet, chest and stomach. This relieves muscle aches, PMS cramps, feelings of anxiety and works as an antibacterial agent.
  • To improve sleeping patterns, inhale 3–5 drops of vanilla oil before bed or make your own vanilla oil bath by adding 5–10 drops to warm water.
  • To use vanilla oil for skin health, add 2–3 drops to your daily face wash or lotion. Try adding 5 drops of pure vanilla oil or a vanilla oil infusion to my Homemade Face Wash. 
  • To soothe burns and wounds, rub 2–3 drops of pure vanilla oil to the needed area.
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