Natural Sandalwood / Chandan Hydrosol Mist Spray - for Face and Body

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Natural Sandalwood Hydrosol Mist Spray - for Face and Body

Sandalwood, Chandan, Chandan Stick, Chandan Powder, Sandalwood Oil, Sandalwood Essential Oils, Sandalwood Facial Toner

Naturalis hydrosols are the pure and natural waters that are produced during the steam distillation of plant materials such as leaves, flowers, peels, berries, wood, stems and roots.

It can be used in place of water in creating natural fragrances, lotions, creams, facial toners, and other skincare products.

It can be used directly on the skin without further dilution.

Sandalwood Hydrosol Benefits

  • Sandalwood hydrosol is excellent for enhancing skin health & beauty for dry, mature skin types.
  • Sandalwood hydrosol rejuvenates, hydrates, softens, calms redness & feelings of irritation, reduces hyperpigmentation and if used over time, reduces the effects of time.
  • It Hydrates, renews the skin, reduces age spots and adorns the skin with the soft beautiful scent of this precious tree.
  • Calms the mind and nervous system, enhances connection & uplifts the spirit.
  • This is a completely natural product, free from alcohol, parabens, preservatives, fragrances, fillers, binders additives, and colorants.

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place. Keep in a cool, dark place. Refrigeration is recommended.

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Natural Sandalwood / Chandan Hydrosol Mist Spray - for Face and Body
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